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New Directions for Conceptual Modeling

Panel Chair: Jeffrey Parsons

Panelists: Antoni Olivé, Sudha Ram, Gerd Wagner, Yair Wand, and Eric Yu

This year marks the 30th ER conference. During this time, research in conceptual modeling has made significant progress. Advances in conceptual modeling have made important contributions to requirements analysis, database design, and information systems development. In view of the changing landscape in which information technology applications are developed and used, this is an appropriate time to consider where we are in conceptual modeling research and what the future might hold. In particular, this panel will focus on emerging and understudied domains for the application of conceptual modeling research. Panelists will consider what conceptual modeling research brings to understanding phenomena in new or non-traditional domains. Equally importantly, they will reflect on new conceptual modeling research issues arising from the demands and requirements of these domains. The objective of the panel is to spark increased interest in conceptual modeling and the ER conference by encouraging audience members to consider new opportunities for applying conceptual modeling.

Modeling for the Future Internet

Panel Chairs: Arne J. Berre, Michele Missikof

Panelists: Robert Meersman, Klaus Fischer, Sergio Gusmeroli, Elio Salvadori, Bernhard Thalheim

The Internet is a paradigmatic example of a successful system that has not been designed by using any of the available modelling methods. The components have been realised and deployed, then the Internet (seen as a socio-technical system) has evolved (and is still evolving) in a spontaneous, bottom-up fashion. Another, quite different, example is represented by storytelling (i.e., people reporting on their concrete experiences) that in many cases is more reliable than the abstract modelling of a fragment of the reality.

The future of modelling in complex application, especially those supported by the Future Internet, is the main focus of this Panel.

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