INFO-H-415 : Exercises

Active databases

Before Session 1

If you are planning on working on your own laptop/computer (which is strongly advised given the state of the computers in the computer rooms), please download and install the following before the first exercice session.

Session 1 : Exercises "PhD"

Sessions 2 and 3 : Exercises "Employees Departments Projects"

Temporal databases

Sessions 4, 5 and 6

  • Planning:
    • Session 4: Exercice 1 (relational schema) and queries 1 to 5
    • Session 5: Queries 6 to 8 and constraints
    • Session 6: Queries 9 to 13

Graph databases

Sessions 7, 8, 9

Material for Graph databases sessions

Please be sure to install the correct version of Neo4J as indicated in the installation document.

Spatial databases (PostGIS)

For the spatial databases exercises, you will to install the following tool on your computer:

The two first exercise sessions will both be devided into a lab part and an exercise part. During the lab part, we will show you how to use the different tools and what we can do with them. This part will not be covered during the exam. During the exercise part, you will need to write some spatial databases requests. This part will be covered during the examination. PostgreSQL and PostGIS should be easy to install and are the two software necessary to perform the exercises. QGIS will only be used for the lab part of the sessions.

Session 10

Session 11

Session 12

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