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The Lab for Web & Information Technology organizes regular research seminars open to everyone who is interested.

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Opportunities and dangers of data mining

Toon Calders – 14 october 2013 Slides

Data mining is an automatic tool that is used to analyze huge collections of data. By combining different databases and automatically analyzing their content, new information can be discovered that couldn't manually be found in any of the databases used. Data mining is often used for commercial purposes, for instance for finding out more about costumer behavior. It is also used for profiling people in the fight against crime. In my talk I will explain at a high level how data mining works, what the dangers are, and why it may lead to unwanted effects, such as false discoveries and even discrimination of minority groups.

Study of bibliographic networks

Michael Waumans – 23 september 2013 slides

The talk investigates the different problematics encountered in the study of temporal bibliographic networks. This specific type of network do present some specific in-degree growth behavior that can be used as an indicator of the popularity of articles as well as other characteristics specific to reference networks. This presentation will cover three different aspects which are, the research of recurrent growth behavior and other indicators of the popularity of nodes inside such network as well as the problems associated to this research, a proposal of algorithm to allow the classification of the nodes according to those indicators and preliminary results in the development of an algorithm allowing the prediction of the articles popularity.

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