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INFO-H-600 : Computing Foundations of Data Science

This page only describes the organization of the course in 2nd semester


The second semester consists of an introduction to processing Big Data, with a focus on different frameworks and programming models.

There are three theory lectures and 6 computer lab sessions:

- The theory lectures are on monday 17/02, 24/02 and 02/03 from 10h-12h - The computer lab sessions are on friday morning from 10h-12h starting on friday 21/02 (for 6 weeks).

If you are following *both* INFOH600 and INFOH515, you should follow the computer lab sessions of INFOH600, and can skip the first computer lab sessions sessions of INFOH515.

Lecture 1: Introduction to Big Data; Map/Reduce

  • Slides (password-protected)
  • Recorded lecture (only part 2, after the break). Login with your ULB netid to access.

Lecture 2: Apache Spark

Lecture 3: Velocity and the Lambda Architecture

  • Due to network infrastructure problems, this lecture could not be recorded.


Practical Sessions

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