INFO-H-423: Data Mining

Version 2018 Data Mining Edition 2018

From 2017 on we will be using the Moodle site for managing the course. Please go to and search for the course INFO-H423



  • Theory 24 h - Exercises 24h - Project 12h
  • 5 ECTS

Study Programme

  • Master in Computer Science and Engineering [MA-IRIF]
  • Master in Computer Sciences [INFO]
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Programme in Big Data Management and Analytics (BDMA)


The grade for the course will be composed of:

  • 25% group project.
  • 75% written exam.

Course Summary

Data Mining aims at finding useful regularities in large structured and unstructured data sets. The goal of this course is to get a fundamental understanding of popular data mining techniques strengths and limitations, as well as their associated computational complexity issues. It will also identify industry branches which most benefit from Data Mining such as health care and e-commerce. The course will focus on business solutions and results by presenting case studies using real (public domain) data. The students will use recent Data Mining software.

Books and other lecture material

  1. Of the following three books, several chapters serve as background reading supporting the lectures.
  1. Lecture slides: will be made available on this site before the lectures.


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