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1 Who is eligible to apply?
2 Can I apply to more than one Erasmus Mundus Scholarships?
3 I don't have a bachelor of science with major in computer science, is it possible to apply?
4 What should I do if I got a BSc separated in 2-years high diploma and 2-years bachelor?
5 Can I apply if I do not have obtained my Bachelor yet?
6 Do Erasmus Mundus scholarships cover all expenses?
7 Which are the two categories of Erasmus Mundus scholarships?
8 Can I enrol in the programme part-time?
9 How do I choose my study track?
10 Which is the deadline for applying?
11 Should I get an e-mail ?
12 Are documents not in English accepted?
13 Which English test scores are accepted?
14 How can I show English proficiency?
15 What is the BDMA TOEFL reporting code in order that ETS sends us an official result?
16 What should I do if my English test is more than two years old?
17 What will be acceptable as a proof of English proficiency for native English speakers?
18 Can I take my English test after the deadline in December?
19 What is an ECTS and what are ECTS credit points?
20 What is an official transcript?
21 Is it enough uploading the documents?
22 What documents are required to attest from EU embassy?
23 What should be atested?
24 Where can I attest the documents if I cannot reach an EU-embassy?
25 What is an internship or a placement?
26 What is a "proof of contract"?
27 What should I state in the cover letter?
28 What's the "curriculum homepage"?
29 How do I provide a reference letter?
30 Can I send you letter of reference from my employer?
31 Which H-factor should I provide if the referee does not appear in "Microsoft Academis Search"?
32 What should I do if a referee does not maintain a home page?
33 Can I apply to the program with my old (valid)passport and later specify a new passport?
34 I already applied for the previous intake; should I create a new application?
35 Am I eligible to apply if I have already participated to Erasmus+ Student Exchange?
36 Are other English certificates accepted than the ones from the list from the application manual?