Since February 2016 I am only partly employed at ULB. Sine then my main affiliation is with the University of Antwerp. Visit my page at the University of Antwerp


Chair Business Intelligence

Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
Computer & Decision Engineering (CoDE) department
Web and Information Technologies (WIT) group
CP 165/15
Avenue F.D. Roosevelt 50
B-1050 Bruxelles

Tel: +32 2 650 37 51
Fax: +32-2-650 28 05

Short Bio

  • I have been promotor and co-promotor of 7 finished PhD students: Adriana Bechara Prado (UAntwerpen; PhD 14 December 2009), Faisal Kamiran (TU/e; PhD 11 October 2011), Calin Garboni (UAntwerpen; PhD 7 September 2012), Thanh Lam Hoang (TU/e; PhD 2 December 2013), Iuliia Efremova (TU/e; PhD 20 April 2016), Tanvir Ahmed (ULB; PhD 20 June 2016; with Torben Bach Pedersen of AAU), Petar Jovanovic (ULB; PhD 26 September 2016; with prof. Oscar Romeiro of UPC).
  • I am currently promotor of 4 ongoing PhD students: Muhammad Aamir Saleem (ULB; promotor since 2014; with Torben Bach Pedersen of AAU), Faisal Moeen ULB; (promotor since 2014; with Torben Bach Pedersen of AAU), Rohit Kumar (ULB; promotor since 2014; with prof. Alberto Abello of UPC), and Stephen Pauwels (UAntwerpen; promotor since 2016)