6th International Workshop on Semantic and Conceptual Issues in GIS (SeCoGIS 2012)

Preliminary Program

Session 1: New frontiers of spatio-temporal dimensions

  • Invited speaker. Krzysztof Janowicz. Linked data interoperability
  • Christophe Claramunt. Towards a spatio-temporal form of entropy

Session 2: Semantic Issues

  • Andrea Ballatore, David Wilson and Michela Bertolotto. The Similarity Jury: Combining expert judgements on geographic concepts
  • Mohamed Bakillah, Mir Abolfazl Mostafavi and Steve.H.L Liang. Enriching SQWRL Queries in Support of Geospatial Data Retrieval from Multiple and Complementary Sources
  • Claudio Campelo, Brandon Bennett and Vania Dimitrova. From Polygons and Timestamps to Dynamic Geographic Features: Grounding a Spatio-temporal Geo-ontology

Session 3: Conceptual Issues

  • Virupaksha Kanjilal and Markus Schneider. User View of Spatial Networks in Spatial Database Systems
  • Joel Grira, Yvan Bedard and Tarek Sboui. A Collaborative User-Centered Approach To Fine-Tune Geospatial Database Design
  • João Longo, Luís Camargo, Claudia Medeiros and André Santanchè. Using the DBV model to maintain versions of multi-scale geospatial data

Session 4: Spatio-Temporal Issues

  • Kostas Patroumpas. Multi-scale Windowing over Trajectory Streams
  • Christelle Pierkot. Geographic standards based metamodel to formalize spatio-temporal knowledge in remote sensing applications
  • Jean-Marie Le Yaouanc and Jean-Philippe Poli. A Fuzzy Spatio-Temporal-based Approach for Activity Recognition