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-====== MFE 2017-2018 : Intelligence Artificielle ======+====== MFE 2018-2019 : Intelligence Artificielle ======
 ===== Introduction ===== ===== Introduction =====
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-===== Swarm construction:​ Development of remote monitoring software ​for intelligent structures ​=====+--- 
 +=====  A WebGL Visualization ​for a Swarm Robotics Simulator  ​=====
-S-blocks are dynamically reconfigurable blocks used for autonomous construction applications. When two or more S-blocks are assembled they are capable ​of communicating with each other over a near field communication (NFC) wireless interface. The goal of this master thesis is to develop ​software to monitor (and control) the blocks in an intelligent structure remotely over the auxiliary Zigbee-based ​wireless interface. As only one block in the structure is fitted with this wireless interface, it is required that the other blocks communicate with the PC, via routing messages through the block-to-block NFC interfaces. This will require the software on the S-Blocks ​to be enhanced ​to use preemptive task swapping, to allow multiple blocks to communicate ​with each other simultaneously+ARGoS is a multi-robot simulator that has been designed to simulate swarms ​of 1000s of robots in real time. The simulator is modular and allows developers to easy add new plugins such as physics engines, visualizations,​ and new sensors and actuators. The goal of this master’s thesis is to develop ​a WebGL-based ​visualization for the ARGoS simulator. This interface ​will allow a user to monitor and to interact ​with the simulation from a web browser.
-Required skills: The candidates should ​understand low level computer concepts such as: interrupts, timers, and registers, ​have some experience with C/C++ programming, ​and have working knowledge of the English language. +Required skills: The candidates should have some experience with programming in C++ and Javascript and to have some experience with HTML5 and CSS. A working knowledge of the English language ​is required.
-  +
-* Contact: [[http://​iridia.ulb.ac.be/​~mdorigo|Marco Dorigo]] (IRIDIA) ​+
- +* Contact: Marco Dorigo
- +
-===== Design of a holonomic drive system for autonomous robots in a swarm ===== +
- +
-Unlike a differential drive system, a holonomic drive system has the advantage of being able to move in any direction at a given instant. The goal of this master thesis is to design and evaluate the performance of a holonomic drive system. The drive system will be assembled from a combination of off-the-shelf components and 3D printed parts. In order to evaluate the drive system, close loop controllers need to be designed and evaluated in C/C++. +
- +
-Required skills: The candidates should have some experience with programming in C/C++, and some experience with 3D modelling (preferably Solidworks). The candidates should be able to use basic kinematics to solve simple physics problems, and have a working knowledge of the English language. +
-  +
-* Contact: ​[[http://​iridia.ulb.ac.be/​~mdorigo|Marco Dorigo]] (IRIDIA) ​+
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